About Game ( Starveio) unblocked at school is a survival multiplayer io game with friends, created by LapaMauve – the creator of who and In game, you will be dropped into a forest where you have to get through the hunger and cold by collecting resources as well as crafting items. Have your skills ready for this adventure now!

How to play Starveio game

The first thing you must do is to collect some resources. When you earn a good enough of wood from hitting trees, you can generate a wooden pickaxe to pick up stones. Then, you will start making a campfire to survive the cold in the night. In case you feel hungry, find berries to eat or hunt some animals for meat. Stay watchful for your opponents who are willing to attack you! Use your strategies and tactics to surpass all of them and keep yourself alive for a chance of winning. new io game is the same as Minecraft in terms of gameplay. You can freely craft any items that you want by combining the materials you have collected. With advanced tools in your hands, you can easily get past all the dangers around as well as destroy your opponents.

As mentioned above, eating food is an important thing when you feel hungry. If you don’t want to collect foods, you can plant some, like wheat and melons, then let them grow. There are some animals for you to hunt, including deer, sheep, and cows. Once you have hunted them, you can get cook some raw meat using the fire, then eat them all to recover your health. Gameplay Multiplayer Online Gameplay Multiplayer Online Controls

Move your character around the map using WASD or arrow keys. Use the left mouse to gather resources and craft items.

You can look at the land and search for spots using the mini-map. Make sure you protect yourself from monsters and wicked players. Also, always arm yourself with firelight, like torches or some weapons when you move through the map at night. Try not to die, or else your game will be over. Your goal is to survive all the threats in unblocked!