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About ClashBlade.IO Multiplayer Free Online

ClashBlade.IO unblocked makes you a swordsman who has to kill all enemies in an arena using his blade. There are two game modes for you to experience in ClashBlade.IO free game, including rank war and endless war. Each game mode has its own fun and charm to play. The mission for you in the rank war mode is to kill all enemies in the arena and try to get into the top 1, 2, 3 to earn coins with experiences. You have to outplay all enemies if you want to win. But, the endless war mode is different from the rank war mode. You also play against enemies and try to kill them, but you will get any coins or experiences if you win. The endless war is more like a simple game mode in which you can practice your blade-swinging skill. Try your best to pick up orbs on the ground to increase your levels and become a stronger player. You have a big goal in ClashBlade io free game, which is to rank top 1 on the leaderboard to become the best swordsman in the arena!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your character and swing the sword in the game.

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