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About Multiplayer Free Online unblocked is a fighting game with swords. You will be dropped into a huge arena where you play as a swordsman swinging his sword to annihilate opponents. Goons io Clown Games features a wide range of weapons you can pick, such as Maces, Axes, Samurai Swords, long swords and so forth. As soon as the battle commences, you must make your way through the map as well as quickly kill any rivals that stand in your way. With only one hit from you, they will be defeated instantly. You have to be careful with their swords at the same time because they can kill you with one hit as well. Also, to power up yourself and to make your weapon longer, go pick up as many jellies scattered around the map as possible. You must stay alive for as long as possible, pick up many kills, grow your score, and finally reach the top rank on the leaderboard.

How to play

Walk around the map using the mouse, attack enemies using the left mouse or spacebar. Use key W or the right mouse to dash.

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