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About Multiplayer Free Online is a game of geese from the io games series. You and other players play the role of geese being trapped in a narrow pen. All of you have angered the farmer and taken his stuff. He got angry and decided to lock all the geese in a pen. When you are stuck in the pen with other geese, you have to survive their attacks and try to beat them all for your survival. The gameplay of unblocked is similar to You have to move around the pen eating as much food as possible to grow your size. Once you have become bigger, you can take on other geese easily. Try to defeat the smaller geese while avoiding the bigger ones. There can be only one winner in this goose-themed io game. You have to survive, climb the top rank, and become the winner! Play online for free! Have fun with it!

How to play

Move your goose using the mouse, use the left mouse to attack enemies, and speed up using the right mouse.

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