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About Multiplayer Free Online

Sharpen your shooting skills in (aka Shell Shockers the game)! Just like other io games online, this title brings you a lot of challenges through an epic gunfight against multiple enemies from around the world. You will be dressed as an egg shooter armed with a strong gun then step into the fray to battle it out. Make your way through the map seeking out opponents and try to shoot them all while keeping yourself away from their attacks. Through over time, you will run out bullets, so quickly collect more of them on the map to continue the fight. Do not take damage from anyone, or else your game will be over. Be a great observer when exploring areas of the map! You should upgrade yourself for more power and use your strategies to have an upper hand on your opponents. Can you shoot your way to the top rank on the leaderboard? Play Shellshock online now!

How to play

Use WASD to walk, the left mouse to fire, the E key to change weapons, key Q key to throw a grenade, key R key to reload, the spacebar to jump, and the Shift key to zoom and aim.

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