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About 2 Multiplayer Free Online 2 game is the second chapter of In this new io game, you can have your surviving skill honed one more time through new awesome challenges. The game pits you against worldwide players from around the world. All of you must jump into a huge arena and fight one another for the top rank on the leaderboard. You can be a solo survivor or team up with some other friends and play as a team to get through all the challenges. You are also tasked with finding resources dotted around on the ground then use them to your advantage. The big challenge here is to surpass the cold at night and the hunger when you feel hungry. To beat them, you must create a campfire using the collected resources and eat some berries or animal meat. When you are under attack, protect yourself then take any chances to attack the enemies back. Stick with your teammates if you play with a team! Support each other and try your best to become the best survivor! Play 2 online without lags!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to control and do actions in the game.

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